We have the experience and passion to release a brand’s potential.

Movantia is a leading brand licensing agency that works with some of the world’s most prestigious brands and celebrities to expand their business, unlock new revenue lines, and develop new opportunities through strategic partnerships between licensors, licensees and retailers. The team at Movantia works hand-in-hand with clients to develop the best strategy and the most valuable partnership in brand licensing. More info at >Services for brands.

We connect manufacturers and retailers to brands.

We assist manufacturers and retailers in developing their sales by creating partnerships with brands consumers love and trust. The integration of our skills allows us to identify markets and ideal brands, to adapt products to local flavour and put in place the best strategy to launch products in each territory. More info at >Services for manufacturers and retailers.

We deliver innovative, effective and integrated solutions.

We support leading companies to enter new markets, we explore the feelings and behaviors of target audiences to understand how and why people select a brand, we create and push impactful content, we develop promotional merchandise, incentive ideas and experiential programs that generate valuable relationships between brands and their audiences, we grow the business value of celebrities, we are at the forefront of business innovation. More info at >Added value for every partner.

We are international.

We operate in 4 continents, working in close partnership with corporate clients to develop their businesses in a broader and quicker way, and building licensing programs in the most promising markets.

More info about us.

The agency has been founded in 2008.

We extend a company’s value.

Together, we can build a stronger business. Yours.