We deliver innovative, effective and integrated solutions to our clients

Movantia is a marketing agency at the forefront of business innovation. With our integrated service offering we sustain our commitment to doing things better and a willingness to seize new opportunities to both licensors and licensees.

– Market expansion services

Movantia has market knowledge and proven success of supporting leading brands to enter new markets and open the door to new opportunities. Combining international experience and local operational partners, Movantia offers comprehensive, professional and effective consulting services for brands, manufacturers and retailers. We help our business partners grow by providing a range of services along the value chain: from sourcing, market analysis and research, marketing and sales to distribution and after-sales services.

– Knowledge and insight solutions

Movantia can explore the feelings and behaviors of target audiences in order to deepen your understanding of how and why people select a brand. By knowing the drivers of demand and desire, we can identify insights that connect the brand to the customer, giving you data and facts that help you take a strategic and creative direction. We can also monitor a brand’s perception over time, ensuring that it is positioned with the marketing strategy and the customer’s expectations.

– Marketing services

With today’s digital savvy consumers and the global market reach, a brand needs to create and push impactful content, engage with its stakeholders and best exploit the opportunities of technological development. Movantia can increase the brand value through powerful and sustainable digital media and marketing platforms. We can provide branded content services, presentation services, event services, tech services, designing solutions that are appropriate to the unique personality of each brand or product.

– Celebrity marketing

Brands: we help them and their marketing agencies by assessing the business value of celebrities, building partnerships and creating innovative programs.
Celebrities: they are more powerful and accessible than ever before, some of them are brands with national or global influence. We can create a tailored program to extend a celebrity brand into the licensing domain.

– Case studies

You can get the case studies related to each of our services by sending us a request 

Together, we can build a stronger business. Yours.