We connect brands to manufacturers and retailers.

Movantia is an independent licensing agency and consultancy specializing in premium brands representation and acquisition for licensing programs. We have the experience and passion to release a brand’s potential: the integration of our skills allows us to identify markets and ideal partners, to adapt products to local markets and put in place the best strategy to launch brands and products in each territory. We help powerful brands increase their business into products and services that grow brand equity. We work hand-in-hand with clients and tailor our collaboration to each, so they keep control of their most valuable assets. We assist manufacturers and retailers in developing their sales by creating partnerships with brands consumers love and trust.

We represent some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Some of the world’s most prestigious brands have selected us as a trusted partner to extend and diversify their intellectual properties. We empower our clients to capitalize on their existing investments by creating new revenue streams that enhance brand awareness and consumer engagement.

We build favourable deals.

Numerous manufacturers and retailers across all categories have partnered with premium brands with the support from Movantia. We help our clients identify brands under which they can build favorable franchises, avoiding the upfront expense and risks of launching a new brand, generating a win-win partnership.

Brand Portfolio - Movantia

We deliver distinctive and integrated offerings.

We are a team of creative thinkers and industry experts that helps the best companies and leading brands grow around the world by creating licensing programs that expand their reach, their customer base, their product line, and their results.

  • Brand Representation for Licensing
  • Brand Acquisition for Licensing
  • Strategic Marketing Consultancy
  • Program Management
  • Innovation and Style Consultancy
  • Product Design Consultancy
  • Retail Connections
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Branded Content
  • Product Placement
  • Brand Integration
  • Celebrity Endorsement
  • Brand Protection
  • Intellectual Property Consultancy
  • Legal Support

To our clients we offer:

  • Licensors: we build and manage brand extension and global licensing programs for trademarks, entertainment and sports brands, and celebrities. We offer a consultancy on strategy and business development. We profitably optimize current partnerships.
  • Licensees: we assist manufacturers and retailers in finding the right partnership with premium brands.
  • Negotiation: commercial, contractual, legal. We develop business proposals and negotiate contracts to final agreement.
  • Design: we contribute to represent the brand equity through the development of a proper style guide, product concept, and premium brand packaging.
  • Retail: we can develop and manage licensing programs at retail stores and through E-commerce retailers.
  • E-strategy: we offer to licensors and licensees a strategic and technological consultancy for E-commerce initiatives, with 15 years experience.
  • Marketing: through partnerships, product placement and brand related content our guidance in product launches is powerful. We generate content creation and design related marketing materials to showcase brand stories.
  • Control and protection: we can monitor the digital channels with advanced tools to check the sentiment of a licensed product, and to manage the counterfeiting phenomenon.

Together, we can build a stronger business. Yours.