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Founded by Bruno Gioli in 1969, Brema was set up following his passion for off road motorcycling and the lack of satisfactory product on the market at the time. BREMA was the first clothing company in the world of motorcycle racing to create an essential style and modern aesthetic, satisfying the the new technical requirements of passionate motorcyclists. Already in 1970 Brema understood the value of breathability in his fabrics: jackets were realized in a combination of cotton with polyester, therefore adding breathability to fiber resistance.

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Brema also brought important evolution in protection: it was his idea to apply removable pads to the outside of the clothing, offering better fitting with the benefit of the protection. Innovation not only in the technical aspects, fit and design, but also in the use of color: in a world dominated by black clothing, Brema was red, blue, yellow: a true revolution.

In 50 years of brand history, countless motorcyclists have worn Brema clothing during the toughest of competitions and while traveling, thus living fascinating experiences able to make dreams come true. Brema 1969 is a sporty and trendy style, worn by people who want to stand out of the crowd. Celebrities, off-road riders, adventure enthusiasts wear Brema clothing and accessories – synonym of a sporty elegance, made for men and women from 18 to 55, elevated by the participation to important competitions like the Paris-Dakar. Many categories are available for licensing.

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