We help companies

create and tell

their best stories.

Everything is connected. Millions of people around the world can see what a brand has to say. Movantia creates powerful content that informs, engages and inspires, and we’ve been awarded for this. Through trusting partnerships we also provide quality content that helps brands connect with people in a meaningful way.

Consumers, empowered by social networks and digital devices, increasingly need to engage with brands. They create, influence, recommend or criticize products and brands, demanding a more personalised experience, and expecting the opportunity to interact with them.

A one-stop-shop for content

At Movantia we are a team of creative thinkers and industry experts that helps the best companies select, create and produce relevant content through an integrated production model. We help you engage people with text, news, graphics, illustrations, photos, video, VR and AR projects, micro-content, web and app design. We can also provide you top-quality iconic content (news, photo and video) from the past to the present. We can assist you in the procurement of digital services, with a solid RFP process.

Content production

With today’s digital savvy consumers and the global market reach, a brand needs to create and push impactful content, engage with its stakeholders and best exploit the opportunities of technological development. Movantia can increase the brand value through powerful and sustainable digital media and marketing platforms. We can provide and create news content, audiovisual content, branded content, business presentations, creative services and more, designing solutions that are appropriate to the unique personality of each brand or product.

Branding, made in Italy

We live in a branded world. We’re surrounded and influenced by brands, we love some of them. Without branding, a company, product or service hardly exists because the best brands use distinctive visual and verbal cues. Movantia uses a broad spectrum of skills and disciplines to build a visual language and identity. From strategy, positioning and differentiation, to color, typography, design, photography and illustration, the discipline of branding plays a crucial role in creating a unique brand, more than just a name or logo. to stand out from the crowd.

Experiential content and events

Experiential content is using content to tell stories. Experiential events is using stories to make people live stories. Brands are using content to tell their stories and engage with consumers, to create a closer bond between the parties. Content can be experiential when is driven by an “immersive” technology, like Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, transporting the consumer into the middle of a story. We won more that one award for the creation of experiential projects that generated genuine positive emotions between people and brands.

Branded content

Branded Content (or Advertainment) gives a brand the ability to communicate itself with all its values to its targeted audience, in a multi-channel contemporary way. Instead of the commercial, the brand is the show, or is the feature story. Through the creation of brand-driven content, or through the integration of the brand into a plot, we can activate positive connections between the brand and the audience. We can give you access to the best international film and television productions, and can also produce appealing video content.

Clearance services

Our focus on helping brands grow, includes services related to intellectual property clearances. With a strong experience in trademark licensing for corporate brands and celebrities, Movantia has developed extensive knowledge in what is required to ensure that any intellectual property is appropriately cleared for your next project. If your next project includes images with brands, celebrities or Italian monuments, we can help you clear the intellectual property rights of materials you wish to use (Rights Clearances). The process of tracking down rights holders give you confidence that you can effectively manage the licensing process.

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