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Video games are more than just play

Movantia, as a marketing agency at the forefront of innovation, has a business unit dedicated to eSports called eSportXs Consulting. We support companies to achieve their goals in the eSports industry. eSports is the best entertainment offer for the Millennials and Generation Z, a way to reach an audience who have grown up with the Internet.

Sports have always had a significant impact on mainstream culture, while eSports is taking it to another level as it integrates itself with social media culture. We help endemic and non-endemic brands get in contact with a whole new audience in the markets across Europe. We activate licensing partnerships for digital properties, from video game franchises to eSports teams and players.


Engage new generations

We pioneered the online sports arena since 1995 and we create award-winning projects for global and local brands. eSportXs is Movantia's business unit dedicated to build relationships between brands and younger generations. Our strong relationships with the key players in eSports allow us to create opportunities and help companies with both strategy and execution for their eSports projects.

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