The evolution of people’s behavior needs a Digital Thinking.

Movantia is a brand licensing agency at the forefront of business innovation, so we opened years ago a dedicated division, the LAB (Links Across Boundaries). We sustain our commitment to doing things better and a willingness to seize new opportunities brought by the digital revolution by adjusting mindsets with digital thinking. This extends our offerings to both licensors and licensees.


  • Digital Extension Strategy
  • Customer Experience Consultancy
  • E-globalization
  • Brand Digital Positioning
  • New Digital Business
  • Content Marketing

Movantia is the first brand licensing agency with a division on digital thinking. All the brands have to evolve and to grow both in the real world and the digital domain. We approach every brand with an attitude that seeks innovation and new ways of interaction and relationship between brands, manufacturers, retailers and customers, because we all live in the digital age, and more challenges and opportunities emerge every day. We develop marketing strategies, experiences and valuable relationships between brands and their audiences eliminating the boundaries between the two worlds. We look for innovative partnerships, new product ideas, engaging customer experiences, and for the right positioning in the digital market. We also invest resources to enlarge the boundaries of our digital skills by testing advanced solutions, involving experts around the world, and creating innovative projects. It’s a commitment to augment our knowledge, so the ability to offer our clients an even higher level of service. We never stop looking ahead, and we’re committed to creating world-class work for our clients, both today and whatever the future holds.

We connect brands to companies, and vice versa.

Movantia creates opportunities to bring the right partners together for the most valuable brand expansions and extensions. Our skills in brand management allow us to identify markets and ideal partners, to adapt products to local flavour, to put in place the best strategy to launch brands and products on each territory, also in the digital domain 

Together, we can build a stronger business. Yours.