We help companies keep up with the times

Today’s consumers are digitally savvy and the market is global for the vast majority of companies. Movantia builds roads to innovation to increase the value and face the competitive scenario of its clients. We create a customized innovation strategy for the short and medium-term capable of making the company and its HR grow.

Movantia uses a broad spectrum of skills and disciplines to build innovation programs suitable for a brand, a product or a service. A roadmap to Digital Transformation is today, in the post-Covid-19 era, an absolute priority to remain competitive and increase business value.


We lead the way to your Digital Transformation

The Movantia team is made up of multidisciplinary experts who help companies detect innovation needs and orchestrate a digital transformation to scale innovation throughout the organization. We have supported SMEs and also large companies in many industries with targeted advice that has been built to achieve the set goals. Over the years we designed solutions, tested inventions, patented ideas, registered trademarks - all related to technology. Movantia is entered in the register of the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development as a «Innovation Manager».


After Covid-19 the world moves towards new priorities

The Digital Transformation is a pace of change that companies need to stay ahead of the competition. It's a process that involves the organization on various fronts. Today is an absolute priority to survive and increase business value. Movantia has a deep knowledge of digital technologies, having managed many projects, some of which have been awarded - ranging from augmented reality to virtual reality, from branded content to experiential events, from blockchain to Industry 4.0, all to increase the competitiveness of our clients.

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