Italian brands and products are valued worldwide

We help connect international buyers with Italian companies

"Made in Italy" products are known throughout the world for their design, craftsmanship and quality. Movantia can help you find the right products from Italy. We establish true partnerships with international distributors, providing advice and services that create and develop real business opportunities.

We build internationalization strategies for Italian companies, tailored to their positioning, production and target. We offer expert advice to international distributors, finding the ideal business partners. We operate worldwide focusing on main categories of Made in Italy, such as food and beverage, fashion, furniture, automotive, cosmetics, technology and luxury products and services.


Do you like Italy?

Movantia, thanks also to its founder Fabio Fabbi - a global marketing expert with 30-year experience - can assist you partner with Italian brands, buy Italian products, promote Italian products into your territory, and also establish your presence in Italy - the main gateway to EMEA region. We can provide resources, insights, connections and quality products. Our experience and multicultural approach can generate numerous opportunities to grow your business.


Respond to the demand is key

Buying is a simple activity whereas procurement is a detailed process, vital for the majority of companies. Movantia combines knowledge of the Italian market with expertise in strategic marketing to help our clients create sustainable, organic growth. We respond to the ongoing customer-led product demand improving your offerings with Italian selected products, to delight your consumers and meet an expanding array of needs.


Tailored services that deliver results

Consumers’ needs are constantly changing, therefore we can help you seek new and better ways to feed them with new ideas and products from Italy. By investigating the demand drivers, we can identify the keys that relate a product to its target, providing data and information that helps to make the best procurement choices. With us, you can find and establish relationships with reliable Italian business partners.

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