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Product Placement is highly effective

With Product Placement, viewers can become more aware of the brand and more inclined to purchase a product if they have seen it in a television program, in a film, or in an electronic game. Additionally, targeted product placement can increase brand credibility and help companies reach a broader audience


Engage customers in a memorable way

Product placement is a marketing tool that works on emotions, with medium and long-term effects. The integration of brands and products within cinematographic films fits perfectly with the current communication trend to enhance the brand rather than the individual product. And to create emotion around a brand, cinema, and television are excellent media. We have collaborated with various film and television productions in the United States and Italy, successfully inserting brands and products. Depending on the product strategy and brand personality, we select films and television series suitable to host our customers’ products. TV shows and films are distributed in cinemas and on OTT platforms, then move on to traditional TV channels, guaranteeing high and prolonged visibility over time. In many cases, we can intervene in the scripts and manage the products that need to be integrated into the films.

MV Agusta’s product placement in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, where the motorcycle is a static design object displayed in a key scene of the film inside an art gallery. Part of the scene was also included in the film’s trailer. Operation managed by Movantia
Two successful Italian films, “Amore, bugie e calcetto” by Luca Lucini and “Bianco e Nero” by Cristina Comencini, hosted some famous brands such as Bacardi Martini, Diadora, Barco Capri Fashion. Projects managed by Movantia


You can make your brand legendary

Product placement is a marketing technique that usually involves economic enhancement, even minimal, in exchange for the voluntary inclusion of a product or brand in a narrative context, to associate the emotions of the narrative with the characteristics of that product or brand. Usually, it is used in cinema films or television series, since it is allowed by international regulations. Many brands owe their fortune precisely to this technique: Omega, Bulgari, Aston Martin, Ducati, BMW, Armani, Persol, Ray-Ban, Coca-Cola, Martini, and many others are associated with films that hosted them and made them legends. What we do is help you, as we have done for some global brands, to secure your place in the Olympus of memorable brands.


How to engage Generation Z

Product placement in videogames is an extremely interesting tool for capturing the attention of the very young generations, those most impervious to traditional media such as cinema and television. The video game offers an immersive, action-packed environment that commands the player’s full attention as their eyes dart across the screen. The visibility of a brand, given by the duration of playing video games, can be measured because all the most popular titles are online, so every behavior is recorded. For a brand there are various forms of presence including In-Game Advertising, where the brand is shown in the form of a billboard in the game scenes, which can also be managed with variations over time because it is controlled online; the Advergame, where the video game is built around the promotion of the brand or product; Product Gameplay, in which the product is a benefit or a subject with which you play or which generates game points.

The integration of some automotive brands was handled by Movantia. Above, is the placement of the MV Agusta Brutale in Ubisoft’s “The Crew 2”.

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