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We move companies forward

Movantia is an award-winning strategy consulting firm with a deep experience within marketing, branding, innovation and international business. Our range of services is dedicated to companies and startups that want to develop and manage their presence in Italy.

We work for global brands and for SMEs all over the world, with customers in the USA, France, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Nordic countries, India, China, South Korea, Brazil, United Arab Emirates. History shows that we have been able to solve problems that challenged us to make ideas a reality.


We Move Brands Forward

Movantia was founded in 2008 and is a company that deals with Brand Marketing, Brand Development, and Branded Content. Over the years he has followed development and growth projects for iconic brands all over the world. He has a strong specialization in Brand Licensing, where he has helped and still helps large international companies to increase the value of their IPs.
In the early years, Movantia was focused on organizing B2B hybrid events and being a global brand licensing agency, also winning awards for the quality and innovation it was able to express. After a decade, it is a boutique Branding Agency that offers expert consultancy – thanks to Partners and Associates with prestigious careers – for the development of the brand, helping international brands, but also medium-sized companies and startups, to respond to the challenges at the intersection of marketing, growth, innovation and digital.
Movantia’s strength lies in the extensive relationships it makes available to its client companies. It is a “marketing solutions hub”, an engine of solutions, ideas, and contacts that operate in a winning synergy. The ability to transform relationships between different people, ideas, concepts, solutions, and businesses takes the form of strategic thought and action, in true teamwork with clients.


What we believe

Companies today have to change and grow rapidly. The present is full of enthusiasm and ideas, with a keen eye on trends and the impact they will have on everyone’s future. Movantia is ambitious, yet down to earth. Equity, sustainability, courage, and ambition are the pillars of our thinking. Experience helps us because we are a group of people with an average of 30 years of work and contacts. We know how to look ahead, because we invest in young people, we listen to them and guide them.


We help organizations build lasting advantage

Since 2008 we have worked for some of the most prestigious companies and brands around the world helping them to get to know and get in touch with their targets to increase their business, to strengthen their brands, to generate additional revenues, and to activate partnerships and agreements strategically. We have always been ready to adapt our corporate focus to the times and economic situations that have occurred in recent years. Our team is flexible and always of high seniority, international, and expert in marketing, innovation, branding, and digital transformation. Global brands, startups, celebrities, and small and medium-sized enterprises: for us, everyone is number one to give our best.


A winning approach

For us, the best prize is to receive the compliments and esteem of a customer, but it still makes us very proud that we have earned awards for the projects we have developed.

- 2017 Mediastar Award / Graphic Design for the design of the product with the official logo of the Jubillee of Mercy (Vatican)
- 2013 Mediastar Award / Augmented Reality for IBM Italia
- 2012 Interactive Key Award / Viral Video Branded Content, for Perfume Holding - Ducati fragrance
- 2011 Best Event Award / Educational event for IBM Italia
- 2011 Mediastar Award / Creatività for the digital campaign of the Ducati Streetfighter

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