We offer worldwide brand licensing expertise.

Brands are all around you

We’re a brand licensing agency.

Movantia is a global brand licensing agency with a broad experience in helping premium brands, celebrities, entertainment properties, manufacturers and retailers find ways to strengthen their relationship with their stakeholders.

We connect brands to companies, and vice versa.

Movantia creates opportunities to bring the right partners together for the most valuable brand expansions and extensions. Our skills in brand management allow us to identify markets and ideal partners, to adapt products to local flavour, to put in place the best strategy to launch brands and products in each territory. 

We improve brand licensing, using digital thinking.

We all live in the digital age, and more challenges and opportunities emerge every day. In order to eliminate the boundaries between the real world and digital domain we develop innovative marketing strategies, experiences and valuable relationships between brands and their audiences to support their evolution and growth. 

We deliver distinctive and integrated offerings.

Some of the world’s most prestigious brands have selected us as a trusted partner to extend and diversify their intellectual properties. Our global connections can help our clients in structuring brand licensing deals in 4 continents.

We extend a company’s value.