Rosso Corsa

It was a Sunday, in 1956, and it poured heavily at Ponte Samoggia, between Bologna and Modena, Italy. On that bridge, still with a very pronounced bump, passed the Mille Miglia. There you could see who has the courage to keep the foot down, at that time. A deep roar, a flash, the hump taken in full at full throttle as it flew, passed Eugenio Castellotti’s Ferrari number “548”, which he then won that edition.

From that day many years ago the idea of ​​the Rosso Corsa brand was born: “Rosso” is red, the official color of Italian racing cars; “Corsa” is racing. For twenty years it has been synonymous with quality sports-inspired products.

Rosso Corsa is something special that has the taste for speed, the flavor of motorsport competition, of commitment to the utmost, of technology and design, of real adrenaline, of strong emotions, of victory.

Today, those who wish to recreate that emotion and atmosphere can join the Rosso Corsa project, with its brand inspired by an epic moment and the passion for a world made up of special people driving unique racing cars, yesterday as today.

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