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Movantia is an award-winning consulting firm with a deep experience within marketing strategy, innovation, international business and branding. With our Project Management as a Service approach we help clients prioritize and execute strategic projects in Italy.

Movantia can help you better react to the post-Covid19 through a Project Management process where approaching the Italian market by developing a plan with milestones and actions, sharing the outlook and move on, to get tangible, sustainable benefits.


Today's challenges are global

Today’s best markets see fast-growing companies innovate and look for new products. Movantia's consultancy services support expanding companies to help them become leaders in their respective industries. Globalization presents unparalleled business opportunities when maximize their potential in the face of changing markets, evolving consumer profiles, and the rising local competitors. We can help forward-looking companies with a range of services tailored to success.


We help organizations build lasting advantage

Over the last 12 years we’ve had the privilege to work with some of the world’s best-known brands and celebrities, all over the world. We also work with ambitious small and medium-sized companies, helping them to know and get in touch with their consumers, to increase their business, to strengthen their brands, to generate additional turnover and to activate partnerships and strategic agreements.


The 2020 aC Manifesto

Knowing how to adapt to the times and the scenario that surrounds us is fundamental for any company and for Movantia as well. From the moment we started in 2008, we have gone through one of the most serious financial crises in history unscathed thanks to choices that are sometimes difficult but always prudent. Today, 2020, we are facing the most serious socio-economic situation for a hundred years now, which is leading and will leave global social and behavioral changes in the years to come. Businesses in the post-Covid19 era (aC) need efficiency and speed of action. We therefore reflected on what we have done so far and on the experience we have, deciding that Movantia is ready to strengthen its role as a Project Management Consulting company to respond to market needs. Proudly Italian, we have always worked for large global brands and for small and medium-sized businesses from all over the world, with customers in the USA, France, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Nordic countries, India, China, South Korea, Brazil, United Arab Emirates. History shows that we have been able to solve problems that challenged us to turn ideas into reality.
2020 after Covid-19 is a new starting point for Movantia, as it is for all global businesses. Our challenge is to propose ourselves with a "Project Management as a Service" model, transforming relationships between people, ideas, concepts, solutions, practices and trends into strategic thinking and action, for the operational excellence of companies. By bringing together expert multilingual consultants, Movantia addresses the problems of customers by arriving at the construction of scenarios and project management. The information is shared, processed, reviewed and evaluated to determine more effective ways of operating, going on the market and increasing revenues. Working side by side with our clients, we have always shown that we are as committed as we are to understanding and facing their challenges, in real teamwork. The next years of Movantia will be exciting.

Fabio Fabbi, Founder and CEO of Movantia

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