Events and content that engage and deliver

People, empowered by social networks and digital devices, increasingly need to engage with brands. Brands use content to tell stories. Events use stories to make people live stories and create a closer bond with brands. We won more that one award for the creation of events that generated genuine positive emotions between people and brands.

We offer ideas, projects and integrated services for corporate events, applying a blend between real and digital. This formula is the most up-to-date for engaging and effective events, trade shows, road shows or meetings. The creative and innovative approach we apply to all our productions builds elements capable of developing positive relationships for both brands and audiences.


Beyond event management

Movantia’s offering for Corporate Events integrate since 2008 digital technologies and a social media strategy, activate a dialogue between the brands and their audiences, highlight the importance of details, apply the formula of a creativity that can generate experiences and valuable relationships between brands and people. For smaller groups, delegations or large audiences, we invent solutions, create content, develop conversations, generate relationships, to ensure that our clients can benefit from a better ROI.


Entertainment captures more attention

Branded Content (or Advertainment) gives a brand the ability to communicate itself with all its values to its targeted audience, in a multi-channel contemporary way. Instead of the commercial, the brand is the show, or is the feature story. Through the creation of brand-driven content, or through the integration of the brand into a plot, we can activate positive connections between the brand and the audience. We can give you access to the best video games, international film and television productions, and can also produce appealing video content.


We generate emotions between brands and people

With today’s digital savvy consumers and the global market reach, a brand needs to create and push impactful content, engage with its stakeholders and best exploit the opportunities of technological development. Movantia can increase the brand value through powerful and sustainable digital media and marketing platforms. We can provide and create news content, audiovisual content, branded content, business presentations, creative services and more, designing solutions that are appropriate to the unique personality of each brand or product.

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