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We Are The First Hybrid Sports Marketing Agency.

Since 1995 we have made the history of online sports.
We have been planning hybrid events since 2000.

Today we integrate marketing services related to strategies, activation, and measurement.

For champions, teams, talents, and sports brands.

Since 1995



of experience in online content, for sports and entertainment, at an international level.

We have contributed to building many parts of the history of online sports. Since 1995, we have influenced the language of representation of online sporting events and the management of the digital image of sports teams and champions. We created many of the digital inventions that we all use on a daily basis today.

February 1995: we created Sports on Net, the first Italian sports Web directory. The following month, the format of online events was born with the World Superbike Championship, the first sports championship officially on the Internet worldwide. The Ducati Corse Superbike website follows this, the first team to have an official website. Fans are starting to gather online from all over the world by writing directly to the protagonists and participating in real-time.

Since the mid-90s there have been many events that we have held live online. From Superbike to the Olympics, from the Alpine Skiing World Championships to the ATP Tennis tournaments, from the Football World Cup to the MotoGP championship. We have created an alternative way of following sports, using technologies in a creative way so that fans can follow champions and teams, discovering a new side of their favorite sport.

With the online celebrity format, we were the first to experiment with models of direct interaction between fans and champions, since 1996. Alberto Tomba was the first to give his point of view to the fans, then Max Biaggi, Giovanni Soldini, Deborah Compagnoni, Roberto Baggio, Marc Girardelli, Alex Zanardi, and others. We revolutionized the dialogue between fans and athletes, who from then on began to communicate 1-to-1. We were the pioneers of new media in sport.

Sports on Net Fabbi Studio
Ducati Corse Superbike 1995
Alberto Toma sito ufficiale
Yuri Chechi Atlanta 1996
Max Biaggi 1997
Alex Zanardi 1998

Once we reached the new millennium, we sold and all the services it had developed in the meantime for Yahoo, MSN, and Virgilio to, the Anglo-American sports portal created by CBS Sportsline in Europe in 1999 and listed on the Nasdaq.
Since mid-2000, activities have continued in Tiscali, following and developing the development of initiatives related to sport. Tiscali was the tech startup that anyone at that time would have wanted to work for. We created Sportsoul, a multi-sport and multilingual web portal, in record time, just in time to produce the online live broadcast of the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Then, we followed Tiscali’s sponsorships in Formula 1 (Bar Honda with Jacques Villeneuve), cycling (the CSC Tiscali team), sailing (in the Around Alone), motor racing (Italian Group N speed championship with BMW) and MotoGP.

In 2001 for the MotoGP championship, we designed a technological infrastructure for the web which in 2002 saw the offer of paid VOD content online for the first time (video highlights, interviews, and press conferences) on the portal in 6 languages. The transmission of video files occurred via satellite from circuits all over the world.
In 2002 we theorized a future where the web would be a true interactive TV, in which films and shows would be seen on a computer and on mobile phones, with the advent of terrestrial and mobile broadband. We also hypothesized an imminent future where that content would be paid for, speaking about it at conferences such as SatExpo in Vicenza and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Broadband was nearby, as was 3G, which started in Italy in 2005, together with YouTube.

Movantia was founded in 2008, the company into which Fabio Fabbi inserted all the know-how built over time. Since then the web has been further transformed thanks to social networks, broadband, the distribution of television content from the Internet (the so-called OTT), and the common awareness of the importance of the web as a driver of the contemporary economy.
Today we are the first Hybrid Sports Marketing Agency, for those who want an expert approach and transform ideas, concepts, solutions, practices and trends into strategic thought and action. Among our clients: MotoGP, Ducati Motor, Automobili Lamborghini, Golfimpresa, MV Agusta and others.

Mission and Values

Providing the best digital and marketing services to the best in the sports industry, meeting the expectations of our clients in this sector, and generating growth for all parties. Operate with an innovative and sustainable approach.


Thanks to new technologies and above all the Web, we want to involve, entertain, and communicate sports, to build value and generate lasting relationships between people, athletes, teams, and brands


Sports must be told by its protagonists, everyone. From champions, from those who play sports for fun, from those who are fans, from those who organize events, from those who produce goods or services.


We want to be part of your team, taking care of representing in the best way what you are and what you do. We put our heart, ability, and passion into playing as a team with you


The goal of every athlete is to win, and to obtain the results they are aiming for. We also aim for the best results and are happy to receive recognition for the projects we carry out for our clients: so far three Mediastars, a Best Event Award, and an Interactive Key Award.


A winning approach

We have won some awards for the projects we have developed:

  • 2017 Mediastar Award / Graphic Design for the collection of objects with the official logo of the Jubilee of Mercy (Vatican)
  • 2013 Mediastar Award / Augmented Reality , a project for IBM Italia
  • 2012 Interactive Key Award / Viral Video Branded Content, for Perfume Holding – Ducati fragrance
  • 2011 Best Event Award / Educational event for IBM Italia
  • 2011 Mediastar Award / Creativity for the campaign of the new Ducati Streetfighter

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