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Being a sponsor of Formula E means looking to the future

Formula E is one of the most attractive sponsorship platforms for companies looking to integrate sustainability into their marketing strategies. This all-electric motor racing competition offers a unique opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future


Be part of the legend of yesterday and tomorrow

Movantia is a consultant for the Maserati MSG Racing team, the only Italian team that competes in the Formula E world championship, where electric single-seaters with very high performance and technologies race on city circuits. The union of sporting competition with technological excellence with low environmental impact is of extreme interest for all those brands oriented towards sustainability. The growing success of a young and innovation-oriented audience towards Formula E extends throughout the world, where it races in large cities that are attentive to the environment. Entering as a sponsor of a prestigious team like Maserati MSG Racing is advantageous in many aspects, which go well beyond the pure visibility of the brand on the single-seater.


The advantages of a sponsorship of the Maserati MSG Racing Formula E team

Sport is a fantastic vehicle of meanings and emotions. Companies can increase the value of their brands through multiple sports-related actions and can develop marketing strategies capable of achieving extremely positive results. For a brand attentive to sustainability and environmental impact, the choice to enter Formula E is tactically ideal. In addition, Movantia’s proposal associates it with one of the most iconic Italian brands in the automotive world, with a history and a present of prestige and class: Maserati. The time is perfect to be among the sponsors and partners of Maserati MSG Racing, because our consultancy with the team allows you to create a program with many touchpoints, physical and digital, that effectively embrace both B2B and B2C customers. We can manage your presence in the championship by generating positive and authentic emotions between people and brands.


The ROI lies in sponsorship activation

Sports sponsorships can position a brand as a leader and true influencer in its sector. Increasing the credibility of a company through association with disciplines and sports teams that share similar values, which can be innovation, sustainability, teamwork, and performance, becomes easier.
However, being a sponsor is not just pure brand exposure, but must include what is called “activation”. For example, using content marketing to tell a B2C audience about the relationship between the brand and the sport it is associated with. And sharing insights and values with the B2B audience to reiterate industry leadership. By leveraging sponsorship activation data, companies can obtain detailed information on customer behavior, opinions, and levels of engagement. This data can make marketing strategies, product development, and customer segmentation more precise, optimizing the customer experience. In all of this, Movantia has experience in making the ROI of a sponsorship tangible thanks to timely and efficient activation activities.

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We have worked for some of the most prestigious companies and brands around the world, helping them to understand and connect with their targets to increase their business, strengthen their brands, generate additional revenues, and activate strategic partnerships and agreements. We have been awarded for some projects we have developed. Our team is flexible and always of high seniority, international, and expert in marketing, innovation, branding, and digital transformation issues. Global brands, startups, celebrities, small and medium-sized businesses: for us, everyone is number one to give our best to.

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