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Being a sponsor of the MotoGP to unleash emotions

MotoGP™ is pure adrenaline. Its riders offer an incomparable spectacle that millions of fans follow attentively and passionately. The brands that are linked to this world championship on two wheels show character, innovation, and tenacity. Visibility is guaranteed, and emotion too.


Adrenaline, courage, technology

Movantia has collaborated for many years with Dorna, the organizer of MotoGP™, the oldest existing motorsports championship, certainly the most exciting in the world. Its races and drivers have thrilled racing fans since 1949, with millions of fans participating as spectators at the track, on television, and on the web.
The season hits a total of 18 countries across four continents, highlighting the fastest riders on the planet across its three categories, which include the Moto3™, Moto2™ and MotoGP™ world championships, the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. A truly exciting show. The adrenaline can be felt during every race on motorbikes with over 250 HP that weighs less than 60 kg. This translates into acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than three seconds and top speeds in excess of 350 km/h (217 mph). If you add the bikes’ lean angles of over 60 degrees and braking forces in excess of 1.5 G, the skill and courage of the riders becomes more than evident.


The advantages of a presence in the MotoGP™ championship

Breathtaking racing, charismatic and danger-defying riders, an unrivaled story and global television coverage generate unrivaled reach for MotoGP™. This international exhibition shows how vast the visibility of the brands that participate as sponsors is.
The MotoGP™ brand has great awareness and companies can create products or services using the brand to improve their awareness and business. With visibility on the track or on the hull of one of the winning teams, or with a brand licensing project or an incentive program with tickets on the track and the hospitality of the VIP Village, Movantia is the interlocutor who knows perfectly the dynamics of this environment since the 1990s and can develop marketing strategies capable of obtaining extremely positive results.


The ROI lies in sponsorship activation

Sports sponsorships can position a brand as a leader and true influencer in its sector. Increasing the credibility of a company through association with disciplines and sports teams that share similar values, which can be innovation, sustainability, teamwork and performance, becomes easier.
However, being a sponsor is not just pure brand exposure, but must include what is called “activation“. For example, using content marketing to tell a B2C audience about the relationship between the brand and the sport it is associated with. And sharing insights and values with the B2B audience to reiterate industry leadership. By leveraging sponsorship activation data, companies can obtain detailed information on customer behavior, opinions, and levels of engagement. This data can make marketing strategies, product development, and customer segmentation more precise, optimizing the customer experience. In all of this, Movantia has experience in making the ROI of a sponsorship tangible thanks to timely and efficient activation activities.

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