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Hybrid Sports Marketing

We build value by designing and implementing hybrid sports marketing strategies, applying a mix of real and digital.

A formula that we created 30 years ago and which is still the most innovative today for obtaining engaging and effective results.

Sport represents stories and values that give rise to strong and lasting emotions. The relationships that are created also extend to the brands that support it.

Sport is a fantastic vehicle of meanings and dreams. Companies can increase the value of their brand through multiple sports-related actions and can develop marketing strategies capable of achieving extremely positive results. For a brand, the choice to embrace a sporting discipline, a champion, or a team is broad, therefore it is advisable to seek the help of those who, like Movantia Sports, know not only the environment, the actors, and the right opportunities, but can also prepare everything needed to ensure the success of the operation.

The help of Movantia Sports comes from thirty years of experience in sports marketing, from some records achieved with technological projects, from the knowledge of marketing as a discipline, from the ability to plan and create hybrid events, and from the great familiarity in building digital content and inventions. We have won various awards for projects that have generated positive and authentic emotions between people and brands.

Everything today passes through digital, it’s true, but in sports the impact of real experiences is still very high, strengthened by the multiplication of the media. Every brand knows that it must create and convey strong content, that it must interact with its stakeholders, and that it must make the most of the opportunities offered by technologies. For this reason, with the concept of hybrid sports marketing, we go beyond common practices to obtain a better Customer Experience, thanks to the integration of traditional and digital techniques. In this way we activate a dialogue between brands and their audiences, underlining the importance of details and applying the formula of creativity capable of generating valuable experiences and relationships between brands and people.

For companies that are thinking of sport as an ideal platform for brand growth, or for brands that are already involved in the world of sport, we invent solutions, create content, develop conversations, generate contacts, and manage relationships, in order to guarantee a better ROI.

Our range of services:

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing has the objective of increasing brand equity and therefore the value of a brand. What makes a simple brand a recognized brand is the perception we have of it in our minds. It is more than a sign, it is a semiotic engine that triggers reactions and captures people’s attention. So, our job is to help businesses grow their brand equity over time. We support you in the strategic thinking of marketing that finds in sports the positioning consistent with the values of the brand.

Sponsorship opportunities

A sponsorship is a marketing strategy where a company financially or technically supports an event or a third-party organization, obtaining image and business benefits. To work, it must be in line with the values of the sponsoring brand in order to have the multiple advantages that a relationship with a champion, a team, a sporting event gives. Sponsorship is a choice that must be made with great care and it is useful to be supported in the choice of consultants like us, who have contacts and opportunities to submit for your evaluation:

Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship activation is the set of activities that must be foreseen during the contractual discussion phase when signing a sports sponsorship agreement, which must then be put into practice after signing so that the experience provided to people generates brand equity and tangible results. Our contribution is therefore initially creative, then consultative, and finally organizational. From thought to execution, we bring every knowledge and experience to bear, ranging from digital to real, following our hybrid sports marketing approach.


Since the early 2000s, we have designed and organized corporate events by applying a mix of real and digital. We were the pioneers of this “hybrid” approach, which today remains the most innovative for achieving high involvement and maximum audience attention. On the one hand, experiential marketing increases awareness and understanding with in-person events, where the relationship is tangible and real. On the other hand, digital marketing amplifies engagement and the value of communication: we all use social networks and the web intensely because we want to talk about the emotions we feel. With hybrid sports marketing, we generate memorable experiences and precious relationships between brands and people, building multimedia paths with a high level of involvement.


We know you have no problems with transportation and hotels. But let us emphasize that concept of hospitality capable of developing an experience centered on the brand, arriving at results where attention to detail leads to the expected result. Sport is an extraordinary vehicle for generating relationships and networking. We build sports-related hospitality projects together with defined objectives, we will be able to manage them for you, leaving you to concentrate only on taking care of your guests.

Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is a strategic marketing activity that aims to gain the attention of the target audience, in order to build a positive and lasting relationship. Storytelling is able to generate emotions and create deep bonds over shared values, which in the case of a brand translates into greater business performance. We are experts in designing and developing content for digital media: videos, webinars, podcasts, web series, augmented reality, virtual reality, multimedia content, offering you branded entertainment formats that can extend into film and television product placement.

Brand Licensing

Movantia is also a leading brand licensing agency in premium and luxury industrial brands, with numerous successes achieved. We identify the ideal partners in the most promising markets, we set the best strategy to launch brands and products in each territory, we help companies increase their performance with licensing operations that increase brand equity and turnover. We advise global brands (Licensors) and manufacturers and distributors (Licensees). For the former, we develop brand extensions and expansions that eliminate direct investments while generating significant revenues while maintaining control of the brand. For the latter, we identify and dialogue with iconic brands to obtain brand licensing, in order to build agreements capable of developing significant turnover, limiting financial risks and investments.

Business Intelligence

Every company knows that it needs to make better decisions, faster and implement more efficient business processes. Using business intelligence can help businesses gain a competitive advantage by reducing the time and effort needed to acquire data, integrate it, review it, and respond to customers. For example, you can make better sponsorship decisions by precisely understanding which sports teams or events are most popular with the public. To obtain more precise and detailed information we provide you with a platform based on artificial intelligence, significantly improving your understanding of consumers, competition, and markets.

Digital Marketing

Since 1995 we have been studying marketing strategies on digital media to develop the reputation and results of champions, teams, and brands linked to the world of sport. This type of marketing involves using websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other similar channels to approach consumers and understand their behavior. Not only that, but over the years we have shown how we can go beyond classic methods. Here, our ultimate goal is to initiate a relationship between brands and fans through creative campaigns using digital touchpoints.

Marketing Automation

Technology simplifies marketing efforts and increases effectiveness. Automation can manage every digital campaign across email and social media marketing, mobile messaging and online ad management. By tracking and analyzing visitor behavior, properly programmed marketing automation software allows brands to create a unified customer experience. Our job is to help you integrate these processes with your CRM, to get the most out of your sports marketing business.

Web Design

Web design is the activity of planning, creating and producing online publications that host digital content in various forms. The design of a website or an e-commerce showcase goes beyond aesthetics to include advanced functionality and user experience techniques that respond to branding and business needs. For those who are part of sports, for those who are connected to sports in any way, we give web design services with a unique experience. We are pioneers of web design and constantly follow technological and methodological evolution, guaranteeing ideal planning for the sports industry.

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